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EauxDvi - Sips from Scripts

Sips from Scripts created a beautiful Cocktail with ODVI Armagnac.

Sips from Scripts are a couple, Alex and Kendall.

They experience with different types of spirits and create the most original cocktail recipes. When they created the EauxDvi Cocktail,

it was their first time testing a French Armagnac.

What an honor they started with ODVI Armagnac ! 

Sips from Scripts describe ODVI's taste as "fresh and fruity with notes of prune and peach, not too sweat and not too dry, and mild, which makes it great in cocktails". 

The result of this cocktail creation is an "easy-to-sip" cocktail that has deep earthiness and warm sweetness. 

baco grape armagnac

The recipe : 
- 2 oz ODVI Armagnac 

- 1/2 oz Homemade Cinnamon Simple Syrup to bring out the pepperiness of ODVI

- 1 Barspoon of Benedictine Liqueur for sweetness

- 3 Dashes of Lemon Fee Brothers Bitters to round out the fruitness

- 1 Dash Agostura House Bitters 

And a Lemon twist.

Thanks you Sips from Scripts for this amazing creation with our French Spirit, ODVI Armagnac.