ODVI Armagnac is a living link between history and modernity.

Created for cocktaillovers, this is the next chapter in Armagnac’s tale.

Armagnac made in France.

Armagnac made in France


Complex and distinct, ODVI inspires exploration and discovery.

Let your senses guide your creativity.

Find out our best ODVI Armagnac cocktail recipes.

Armagnac French oldest Spirit


Armagnac bears a history that dates back to the 14th Century. 

Crafted in the Southwest of France using time-honored traditions, independent producers, sun-ripened grapes, and continuous distillation are hallmarks of our operation. Armagnac is the French oldest spirit. 

Armagnac price in France


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Interesting articles about Armagnac vs cognac, Armagnacs' tradition and many more.

Armagnac vs Cognac


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